Saturday, November 14, 2009

Rohan Dhan Build

Agi Type
If you want to be an Agi Dhan a Pure Agi Build would be the Best Choice.
1)You can quickly K.O. any oppenent.
2)It increases your Evasion rate(my favorite)
3)It increases your primary attack which is crt damage.
4)You can Kill Vit Types
1)When you get hit it hurts(Due to low HP)
2)Weak against Dex Type(Duh!)
3)Low Pdef(I don't care as long they wont touch me)

Agi Type Stat Build at lvl 99

Assassin Skills

Avenger Skills

Str Type Avenger
For Str Type Avenger your Build is within these two 3str/1Dex or 4str
1)Very Strong against low PDef(I've seen Str Dhans 1Hit K.O. Dex Scouts,Rangers and Agi Dhans)
1)If they can't get close to range classes More likely they'd be Dead(Not to Worry you have Hide to sneak Behind)

Str Type Stat Build at lvl 99

Assassin Skills

Avenger Skills

Str Type Predator
Never try Agi predator
Predator Stat Build at lvl 99

Assassin Skill for Predator

Predator Skills

Hope I Helped ^_^..

3rd Build Type for Dhan

Assault Dhan
The only type which everyone ignores, since this type isn't specializing on any type of attack, which means it's Damage is not as strong as a pure Str or Agi Build.

Yes,this might be true but never under estimate it's capabilities.
1)May not 1Hit K.O. other characters like str Dhan but can spray crits which we can also consider as instant kill.
2)May not have equal evasion as a pure Agi but it has a higher PDef than a Agi.
3)You can kill character's which a str or agi type can't kill.
1)Your gonna have a big trouble what would be the Stat build.(that's why i'm here)
2)You'll have a headache thinking what skills to get.(trust me i have it)

Stat Build at lvl 99

Trust this Build I have the Details

Item Requiment:
Katar w/ the following Options:
+100str or more
+40Dex/Agi or more
+20Vit or more
+10%crt or more

All Accessories should be
+20str or more

Assain Skills:
These are the skill's you have to get

Avenger Skills
These are the most important skills

Any question's and suggestion's just comment
Hope I Helped.....